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The Pink City of Jaipur in the central hub of Rajasthan state and a main attraction of worth visiting for tourists near to the national capital of India about 300 kms away. Varying from cultural traditional offerings to modern world class facilities, it offers a number of good facilities. This place leaves a lifelong remembrance to every visitor.

Jaipur City is the destination and residence of many people with different interests like historical cultural heritage, business purposes, educational purposes and lots more. This site offers a comprehensive digital city guide of Jaipur, including the famous hotspots, heritage buildings, renowned monuments etc. keep going.

Jaipur is one of the important places in the Golden Triangle; other places are Delhi and Agra. Rainy season and winters are the best seasons to visit Jaipur. Jaipur Tourism is one of the main attractions in India. Tourists, who come to India, must visit Jaipur. Trip of India is incomplete without visiting India.

If you are planning to visit Jaipur, then you should know some Facts about Jaipur followed by Heritage of Jaipur, Best time to Visit, City Transport, Weather and Climate and Cultural heritage of Jaipur.

Pink City is world famous for Gems and Stones. Almost all kind of gems are export from Jaipur to the globe. The architectural planning of Jaipur may have been ancient but its execution is definitely modern. Jaipur is one of the near to perfect architecture. If you know the direction, then you can easily reach to your destination with the help of the compass, even if you don't know the path.