Jaipur is the city of vibrant colors, this can be deeply observed more in the festive season. Jaipur Markets are the perfect place to shop for the famous articles like kundan, meena jewelry, blue pottery, gemstone, precious metals, carpets, textiles, handicrafts etc. In Jaipur city Ajmeri Gate Market, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, M I Road, Johri bazaar and Haldiyon ka Rasta are the famous shopping center of the special pink city items. Jaipur markets beuatifully decorated in the festive seasons like Diwali, the whole city is filled with the light and the crackers, markets feels the large growth in the buyers interest in this season.

Choose Your Option
  • Jewelry

    Jaipur Jewelry is well renowned all over the world. The work of Jaipur Jewelers is appreciated and liked by all shoppers. It is exported and has become the major source of income for many in the pink city. Every year, a show is organized to expose the new and trendy jewelry in the marked, this even is known by JAS ie. Jewlery Association Show. Kundan and Meena Jewelry is top on the list of buyers choice and artisans perfection.
  • Textile

    Jaipur is famous for textile printing and traditional design of cloths. Tripolia Bazaar, Kishanpol bazaar, Bapu and Nehru Bazaar are the famous places to buy these type of items, whereas Jauhari Bazaar is famous for tie and die cloths. Bargain is also accepatable at most places. Besides textile, majestic city also famous from producing quilts(razai), rugs and carpets (dharies).
  • Handicraft

    The distinct quality and remarkable design made the Jaipur Handicraft world famous. The royal rulers of Jaipur used to keep artisans and craftmen in their court and used to reward them for thier work. Since then this work carried by heredity. There a number of options like blue pottery, carved furniture, paintings, sculptures, home decorations, toys , traditionsal things and many more things. If yor are an art lover, market of Jaipur offers a good place for all these.
  • Leather Items

    Jaipur is famous for leather craft industry. They are mainly made from camel leather, and items like Jootis, bags, sandals, shoes, purses and belts are made from this.