Ganesh Mandir

Ganesh Mandir is one of the most devoted temples of Jaipur. It a custom to visit the temple after purchase of vehicle or property to get the blessing of lord Ganesha for their long life.

About Ganesh Temple

Lord Ganesha is the beloved god of the Pink City. There are many temples dedicated to the Lord here in the capital city of Rajasthan and around. The ancient of them all is the temple of Moti Doongri. The temple is situated on a high perch of the Moti Doongri hills which means 'Pearl' in english and because of this the temple derives the name as Moti Doongri. This is very famous and the centre of devotion for the resident of the city. Seldom any Hindu here starts his day without chanting the name of the Lord Ganesha and every auspicious moment starts by offering prayers to the Ganesha. He is the fulcrum of faith.

Ganesh Temple History

The history of Moti Doongri Ganesha Temple goes back to 18th century when it was built by Set Jairam Paliwal in 1761. The story behind it is very interesting, as it goes like this. The king of Mewar was returning to the city after a long journey and he was carrying a Ganesha idol on one of his bullock in the convoy. He wanted to built a temple of the Lord and has decided to built it wherever the bullock first halts and it halted at foot of the Moti Doongri hills and so as per his wish, the temple of Moti Doongri,Jaipur came into existence. The credit for this temple goes to Seth Jiaram Plaiwal because he supervise the construction and finalized the design.

Ganesh Temple Architecture

The architectural perspective of the Moti Doongri is marvelous with this being one of the first monument built in those days and the now inhabited city of Jaipur long before it was even planned. The monument has been made up of white marble, an element of construction which is to be found in abundant in the state and has been extensively used in all the Monuments of the era. The temple spans across an area of 2 kilometer and it has been carved out of the stone. The exquisite Moti Doongri palace which is a replica of the Scottish castle is nearby. The beauty of the place lies in the excellent images carved out on the marble walls depicting the scenes from the Hindu mythology. The ruler of Rajasthan has been Hindu and they were ardent devotees and they have built many temples all across the state. The idol of Lord Ganesha too is a fine piece of art.

Ganesh Temple Famous For

Moti Doongri temple of lord Ganesha is famous for it divine blessings upon the city. It is also famous for the engraved images upon the walls which are taken from the sacred books. The visitors flocks in large numbers to pay a homage to the lord on a daily basis and apart from the devotees, the scholars, architects and students also visit the place.

How to Reach Ganesh Mandir

The site can be visited any day from 5 am to 9:30 pm, the doors of the saloon where the main idol of Lord Ganesha resides however remains closed for 3 hours each day for the visitors. Regular transport is available from all parts of the city and the best way to reach there is to board Low Floor Jaipur Bus which plies on the route.