Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple complex consists of several temples dedicated to God Sun and Balaji. It is located 10 kms from Jaipur city on Jaipur Agra Highway.

About Galta Ji

Galta Ji is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindu. It is situated in a small town Khaniya-Balaji in the state of Rajasthan and is famous for several beautiful temples and kunds, the Hindi term for Pond. The site has devotional importance for Hindus and they consider that taking a bath in the holy water of the Kund will purify their soul and relieve them from their sins. This is an ancient piece of architecture and due to the better conservation efforts from the ASI, the local trust along with the necessary help from the state government, it still look in gorgeous shape. Apart from the religious point of view, the site holds an importance for the architectural aspects as well.

Galtaji History

The history of the place date back to 16th century however the precise year of the build is not known but the temples at the place were built in 18th century by Deewan Rao Kriparam, who was in the court of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The place was famous for religious importance perticularly for Vaishnavites Ramanandis, even well before the 18th century when the temples were build and it is believed that Saint Galav spent his life here practicing medication and penance.

Architecture of Galtaji

Galta Ji is a gem of architecture, this is a unadulterated specimen of pure Rajasthani architecture which became more famous as Rajaput style of architecture with perched balconies, long straight verandahs and a dome at the top. The design of the Galta Ji temple is identical and almost all the temples look same as the other, however they do differ only in area. The central fort which has been built as a marvelous structure sandwiched between the two hills and in front of it lies the vast lower kund (water tank) which was built as a water harvesting body but now holds religious importance. The pilgrims take a bath here before going into the temples for offering any 'pooja'.

Galtaji Famous For

This historical place, Galta Ji Jaipur is primarily famous for the temples and the major volume of visitors comprises of Hindu pilgrims. But the site has an enchanting panorama which is so peaceful that it dwells one into complete surrender to the almighty. Galta Ji is home of the Indian monkey as well,this is even known as Monkey Temple. The monkeys can be seen in large numbers and they get so much respected from the visitors because in Hindu mythology, they represent Lord Hanumana. These monkeys can outnumber people at any day and they never harm anyone. The rich architectural heritage attracts scholars, archaeologists, tourists in large numbers to see the large natural water springs which keeps the kunds full of fresh water, taking a bath into these refreshes everyone. The best day to pay a visit here is the auspicious day of 'Makar Sakranti'.

How to Reach Galtaji

Galta Ji can be reached with in few hours from the Railway station and ISBT,Jaipur. Regular buses of Jaipur Bus service plies on the route along with many private buses. The accommodation is easily available and well in budget. The private tour operators offer many affordable tour packages of the historical monuments of the Pink city and this includes Galta Ji too.