Jaipur Facts

If this is your first visit to the great pink city of Rajasthan, here are few tips and guides, which will help you through your journey in the city and make it a pleasant stay in the city.

Do's when you are in Jaipur

  • Always check for nearest tourist center and grab maximum information from there
  • Always check in approved or classified hotels/lodges/paying guests
  • Before buying the items near to Tourist spots, always bargain the prices and insist for bills
  • Double check the items bought in the parcel before leaving the shops
  • Ask the autorikshaw drives to run by meter, or settle the fair first
  • Respect the local culture and wear accordingly
  • Alwasy keep an eye on your belongings everywhere you go, as an advice, keep minimum items with you while visiting these places
  • Both rider and pillion have to wear helmets in the city while on bike ride, otherwise it may land you somewhere else
  • Do follow the traffic rules as a good citizen/tourist if you are in your own vehicle
  • And last, but not the least, always keep some currency change with you, it may save some extra spending money during journey
If you are cheated, inform nearest Police Station or Police control room immediately or TAF (Tourist Assistance Force) personnel posted near monuments.

Dont's when you are in Jaipur

  • Don't let anyone to lead you to the place which is unaware by you
  • Dont take free ride by autorickshaw driver to reach a hotel, he may land you in costly hotel where his portion is maximum
  • Don't take suggestions from strangers for shops, tourist spots, or a way to tourist spot
  • Don't roam around in the late hours of the night.
In case of any emergency, please call 108 or 100 for help