Bairath is located 90 kms away from Jaipur on Jaipur Shahpura Alway highway. It is belived that this place was mentioned in the great hindu epic Maha Bharat. And pandwas lived here for one year after their exile. Archeolgical survery reveals that this place was under mauryan empire as a Budhist establishment.

About Bairath

Bairath is a small town around Jaipur, Rajasthan, famous for it's archaeological monuments many of which date back to Mauryan and Mughal era. The place, also known as Viratnagar has a rich heritage of ancient monuments. Located just 85 km from the capital city of Jaipur, this place has is directly connected through road and railways. The nearest airport is Sanganer airport, Jaipur. The place can be reached in quick hours either by hiring a private cab or boarding a train to Saiyedpur Bhtri Railway station which is just 11 km from the place. The accommodation is very cost effective and the food served around is Rajasthani cuisine which can be enjoyed at various dhabas around the Highway or many local restaurents.

Bairath History

The history of Bairath aka Viratnagar is full of exciting quiessential elements of the medieval and ancient India. According to the legends, this happened to be the capital city of Matsya King Virata, whose name is engraved in the history as the one who gave asylum to the Pandavs, they stayed here in then Viratnagri for around a year while being on the thirteen year exile. King Virata was the Father-in-law of Abhimanyu, one of the bravest kid of the epic war,Mahabharta, which was fought on the Indian soil. He grew up to become the next king of Viratnagri.

The history has been revealed by the vigorous excavation at the historical site. The excavation brought out many facts about the place which were hidden beneath the land. The history of Bairath goes back to the Muaryan empire, the first empire of civilized India. There are many prominent structures from the Mughal and Rajput era as well but the best of them all is the circular Buddhist temple which proves the fact that the Mauryan rulers were great patron of Buddhism. This was one of the first monument which emerged from the excavation.

The place is well connected to Mughals as well, the mughal king Akbar built a coin factory here and his son Jahangir built a beautiful structure with painted domes. Apart from these marvelous monuments, there is a.beautiful garden which was supposed to be built during the reign of Akbar.

Bairath Famous For

Bairath was the epicenter of Buddhism in the history and it has contributed from the front in spreading the religion throughout the world. Among other attractions to the place, Banganga fair is the one, which is organized on the full mood day of Vaishakh, which is the month of April-may every year, which takes place around 11 km form the central vicinity. It is great attraction for Buddhist monks and followers of the cult. The circular Buddhist temple gets many visitors from all parts of the world, the majority of them being the monks. Bairath holds an important place in the Indian history both for it's archaeological as well as historical aspect.