The place Bagru is located nearly 30 kms away from Jaipur on Jaipur Ajmer Highway. This place is famous for the wooden prints. Its different than the normal printing methods.

About Bagru

Bagru is a small village near Jaipur, the place is famous for natural dyes and hand block prints over textile articles. It is also famous for tasty pickles made by the local manufacture, Jhalani Foods Pvt Ltd which has many fans over the globe. The neighborhood of Bagru is more famous for it's crafty work rather then for any fort or palaces, well unlike the adjacent city of Jaipur it doesn't have any. It is situated about 30 km from the city on the Jaipur-Ajmer Highway.

Bagru Topology

This densely inhabited place has a majority of population consisting of the two community,the Chhipas and the Raigers. The literacy rate here is 52%, a slightly less than the national literacy rate. The male to female ration is amply better with 48% of women among the population. Nearly 18% of the population is infant. A majority of the population is involved in the business of dying and tanning of leather and textiles.

Bagru Famous for

The geographical area is the home of Chhipa and Raiger community which are expert in printing and leather work. While the Chhipa community has earned a classic level of experience in printing over the textile articles something which has been passed on to them by their ancestors over the 100 years, the Raiger community specializes in crafting, tanning and moulding leather.

The Raiger community exports the raw leather to the big leather industries all over the world and sell the finished goods in the local market. They process raw leather and make beautiful mochdi, a Rajasthani jutti and boots.

The Chhipa community, involved in hand printing work has a good reputation for their fine work and delicate prints. These prints are very popular in the market and are particularly known as Bagru Prints. These Prints of Bagru are different from other prints all around the state, country or world as it involve a different kind of printing. The unique method for printing makes use of wooden block in printing the pattern. The desired design to be deployed on fabric, is engraved on the wooden block first and then the carved block is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on the fabric. Chippa Mohalla (printer's quarter) is the area for those, who are interested in textile printing. One can walk into the quarter, where people are always engrossed with dyes and blocks. The three-centuries-old tradition of block printing is kept alive with the efforts of Bagru artisans. Keeping the convention, these artisans smear the cloth with Fuller's earth got from the riverside and then dip it in turmeric water to get the habitual cream color background. After that, they stamp the cloth with beautiful designs using natural dyes of earthly shades.

Bagru prints are more famous for their exceptional quality of being eco-friendly. Even today, despite of using artificial colors for the purpose, the artisans use traditional vegetable dyes for printing the cloth. Like, the color blue is made from indigo, greens out of indigo mixed with pomegranate, red from madder root and yellow from turmeric. Usually Bagru prints have ethnic floral patterns in natural colors. Bagru prints form the essential part of the block printing industry of Rajasthan. The village fabricates some of the fabulous bed covers and other materials.