Jaipur have a number of options for learners to choose from different fields and of different level education. There are a number of institutes providing quality education with all round development of the student. There are various options to choose from college varying from technical, management and medical education. There also a number of good CBSE and ICSE schools in the city. Other option for students include government job training institutes, air hostess & air steward training centers, foreign language learning centers, computer training centers. Choose from the following categories to know more about the available option. Feel free to explore all options of education in Jaipur.

Choose Your Option
  • Bank Exam Coaching Centers

    Coaching centers providing the entrance exam classes including for the post of PO, clerk. There are total 21 bank exam coaching centers in Jaipur.
  • Law Exam Coaching Centers

    Law Exam Coaching Centers provides classes for the admission in law degress. Total 11 law exam coaching centers available.
  • Flight Steward Training Centers

    Flight Steward Training Centers provides training the aspiring male for aeromotive hospitality industry. There are 1 centers in Jaipur.
  • Teacher Training Coaching Centers

    Teacher Training Coaching Centers provides classes to pass the entrance exam of state and national level exam. There are 9 Teacher training coaching centers available.
  • Pharmacy Colleges

    Pharmacy Colleges providing the degress in pharmaceutical field. Currently, there are 15 pharmacy colleges in Jaipur.
  • Japanese Language Classes

    Japanese Language Classes classes in jaipur overview
  • Boarding Schools

    Boarding Schools which provides the hostel facilities along with the school education. There are 6 boarding schools in Jaipur.
  • Schools for Girls

    There are 11 dedicated schools for girls in Jaipur. Know more about the Girls Schools.
  • MBA Entrance Exam Coaching Centers

    MBA Entrance Exam Coaching Centers provides classes for entrance exams for higher degrees of management education. There are 12 coaching centers in Jaipur to provide such facilities.
  • Air Hostess Training Centers

    There are 9 air hostess training centers in Jaipur.
  • Computer Training Centers

    Computer Training Centers provides education of the basic and advanced computer knowlege. There are 42 computer training centers in Jaipur.
  • Hotel Management Institutes

    Total 16 hotel mananagement institutes are available to choose from for persuing hotel management education.
  • Textile Designing Institutes

    Textile Designing Institutes classes in jaipur overview
  • English Speaking Classes

    English Speaking Classes provides training in speaking fluent english language. There are total 30 available.
  • Spanish Speaking Classes

    Spanish Speaking Classes classes in jaipur overview
  • CBSE Schools

    CBSE Schools providing the quality school education in Jaipur. There are 75 cbse schools at present in Jaipur.
  • Hindi Medium Schools

    Hindi Medium Schools affiliated to state education board providing education in Hindi language. There are 22 available.
  • IIT JEE Entrance Exam Coaching Centers

    IIT JEE Entrance Exam Coaching Centers provided classes for entrance in reputed engineering college of the 13ry. There are total 13 coaching centers available in Jaipur.
  • Beauty Training Institutes

    Beauty Training Institutes classes in jaipur overview
  • Engineering Colleges

    Engineering Colleges providing the technical education, there are 32 engineering colleges in Jaipur.
  • Interior Designing Courses

    Interior Designing Courses classes in jaipur overview
  • MBA Colleges

    MBA Colleges providing the management education degrees. Total 57 available in Jaipur.
  • French Speaking Classes

    French Speaking Classes classes in jaipur overview
  • Medical Colleges

    Medical Colleges providing higher level medical education. There are total 18 medical colleges in Jaipur.
  • ICSE Schools

    There are total 4 schools present in Jaipur affiliated to ICSE.
  • Medical Entrance Exam Coaching Centers

    Medical Entranc Exam Coaching Centers provides classes to compete for entrance in top medical colleges of the 15ry. There are total 15 present in Jaipur.
  • CA Institutes

    There are total 11 CA Institutes available in Jaipur in present day.
  • Fashion Designing Institutes

    Fashion Designing Institutes classes in jaipur overview
  • Jewelery Designing Classes

    Jewelery Designing Intitutes provides education in designing jewellery. There are total 6 available in Jaipur.
  • Nursing Courses

    Total 39 Nursing Training Centers available in Jaipur.
  • German Speaking Classes

    German Speaking Classes classes in jaipur overview
  • Distance Education Centers

    Distance Education Centers providing open education to the students. There are 15 present in Jaipur.
  • Play Schools

    There are total 16 Play Schools in Jaipur providing the education to the play group children.
  • Universities

    There are total 15 universities present in jaipur, including open universiites and deemed universities.
  • Girls Colleges

    There are total 24 colleges for girls in Jaipur providing the world class education to aspiring girls.
  • Psychology Training Centers

    Coaching centers providing the training classes for competitive exams.